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At Les toiles du soleil, Henri Quinta, the director, formed at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des arts décoratifs of Paris, has been designing since almost 20 years all the original designs of each cloth.


At Les Toiles du Soleil, the creation of various decorative fabrics is made internally by the Director, Henri Quinta, owing his expertise to his artistic training at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, since almost 20 years ago; a personal achievement resulting to the creation of original textile designs.

It must be said that at a very early stage, at the age of 10, his passion was colours: nothing was more fun or enjoyable for him than to receive a large box of crayonsas a gift.

And to the day, with these same crayons, he imagines and draws alignments on a simple sketchbook, almost abstract stripes and multi-coloured lines, expressing his memories and inspirations (through travels) in Catalan colours giving birth to motives that turn to textiles and are then interpreted in terms of multi-coloured thread mixtures to be woven on the looms of the factory of Saint Laurent de Cerdans and sold at one of the finest home décor fabric stores online.


This notion of internal creation is paramount for the originality and uniqueness of these French textiles. Decorating with fabric can become a very challenging task as no one can ever be certain about the style or unique character of each home. Thus using an original pattern is always the safe way to go. Featuring one of the best home decor fabric stores online Les Toiles du Soleil gives everyone the opportunity to pick online and acquire a great selection of French textiles and see how decorating with fabric and genuine Catalan colours and stripes can turn any home into a dream come true.

For Henri Quinta, other than an exercise of creation, each new design is also a delight, a ray of happiness that is revived from the birth of a new fabric, a textile that is always different, always colourful and always bright, just like the sun.

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