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Of this craft tradition, several times centenarian, St-Laurent did not still know that it would make of him the capital of the rope-soled sandal.


As the sandal industry was quickly thriving at the end of the 19th century, the little village of St. Laurent de Cerdans was distinguished for its unique handmade espadrilles. 

Thus, the textile designers Joseph Sans and Abdon Garcerie decided to share their know-how on textile products and so established the company "Sans et Garcerie". Very quickly its formidable success was linked to the progress of the machines allowing the company to dominate the small business sector of sandal weaving throughout Catalonia.

In 1939, still prosperous, the textile factory diversified its activity with the weaving of unique textile products, multi-coloured striped textiles and fabric for deckchairs thus opening a new market segment.

In 1955, it was time for the introduction of French home linen. Multi-coloured striped tablecloths by the meter or by the yard and towels in the original motives and typically Catalan colours decorated many tables of the region.

But the ups and downs of life were such that one day the textile factory could no longer cope with the economic difficulties and was about to close.


It was then in 1993 when Henri and Fran├žoise Quinta, two textile designers of Catalan origin, decided to buy the textile factory.


To arrange strands of yarn or thread lengthwise onto a loom in preparation for weaving. Every thread is crossed one by one in a precise order which defines the motives of the fabric.


Weaving is the art of intersecting two sets of wires to produce textile products, these two sets of wires being perpendicular.


The fabrics are cut and sold by the meter or by the yard or made to be offered in the form of tablecloths, towels, place mats, table runners, aprons, cushion covers, curtains, bags, deckchair covers and all types of home linen that can now be found on sale by Les Toiles du Soleil!