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Once upon a time there was a small village of Haut Vallespir in the Pyrenees, called St Laurent de Cerdans a catalan weaving factory.....


Coming from a tradition that began several centuries ago, the Catalan way of weaving was developed at the end of the 19th century. At the same time, St. Laurent de Cerdans became famous and prosperous thanks to the manufacturing of rope-soled sandals. 

Aiming to preserve this great tradition, Les Toiles du Soleil rescued the last textile factory in the village and became one of the best French cotton fabric manufacturers of Catalan weaving.

Using the same sewing looms from the past Les Toiles du Soleil has managed to produce beautiful canvasses with the striped patterns and typical colours that have retained the reputation of the Catalan table linen from a long time ago and have established the company as one of the finest designer fabric companies in the world. 


The company only produces genuine products, striped textiles and original Catalan multi-coloured fabrics as a result of the original sewing methods used for their manufacturing, the know how that has been passed down from generation to generation and the natural, fine materials from cotton and quality linen used for the production.

The creative work of Les Toiles du Soleil is inspired by original samples and multi-coloured fabrics found in archives but the key of its success is its continuous strive for innovation. The company has managed to give free rein to the imagination while adopting the typical colours of the Catalan textiles to the fashion of our time.

From table linen to curtains, all weavings of Les Toiles du Soleil prove the desire for the creation of genuine products.

Thus, Les Toiles du Soleil is rightfully regarded one of the most original cotton fabric manufactures as well as one of the finest designer fabric companies in the world.