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Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans was the center of Catalan weaving specialized in the weaving of cotton fabrics for the production of espadrilles. Joseph Sans and Abdon Garcerie, two manufacturers of French fabric textile, decided to share their know-how and create "Sans et Garcerie" in 1897 so as to share the Catalan weaving tradition with the rest of the world. Following a period of great success, the company Sans & Garcerie, was taken over by Françoise and Henri Quinta who decided to invest their energy, determination and creative passion into the Catalan Weaving Heritage turning the company in 1993 into the newly formed designer company, Les Toiles du Soleil.

Thrilled in building onto the Catalan tradition, Françoise and Henri QUINTA were able to give rein to their imagination by creating exceptional fabric designs and unique fabrics by the meter with the typical motifs and color of the Catalan heritage, altering them according to the new trends of our time.


The company was renamed Les Toiles du Soleil from the “blood red and gold” Catalan colors placing weaving under the benevolent eye of the Catalan legacy as seen from the two housemaids laying the table in their authentic gowns in the new company logo.

This french knowhow was awarded on December the 29th of 2009 when Les Toiles Du Soleil was recognized as a respected "Living Heritage Enterprise".

This label distinguishes itself amidst other French companies sharing the same values of the economic heritage, the manufacturing experience and know-how of mastering traditional designing techniques attached to a specific region. Certified companies that proudly build on the "made in France" spirit.

Fabric Website - Designer Fabric Online

2013: Opening of the online boutique: Exclusive linen and home fabrics online!

Always thriving to combine tradition and innovation Les Toiles du Soleil has succeeded in creating an online shop for the purchase of brand products.

The company’s unique fabrics by the meter or special fabrics by the yard can be used both for furnishings and as home linen and are available in a range of meshes and sizes in order to cover all needs for the household: 100% cotton, acrylic (Sunbrella), canvases coated for table linen (tablecloths) linen or upholstery fabrics.

Les Toiles du Soleil offers a full range of linensJacquard textiles, multi-colored table linen and kitchen linen integral to the company’s success: Collioure fabricTom fabric and Rue du Bac fabric.

Now, through the new fabric website all interested in the Catalan heritage will be able to buy designer fabric online with the click of a button.

Almost 20 years ago, in 1993, Françoise and Henri Quinta have acquired SANS et GARCERIE founded in 1897.

Renamed Les Toiles du Soleil, the " sanc i or " factory, the Catalan colors, recovers in the work under the friendly eye of two small linen maids in traditional laying holding a table, a new logo of the company.

Françoise et Henri Quinta, worried of keeping the catalan identity of these weavings and their revival, knew, by giving free court to their imagination and creator’s talent, how to keep some design and typical colours of the catalan cloths while adapting it to the trend of our time.

That french know-how has been rewarded the 29th december 2009, Les toiles du soleil are certified « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ».

This label honores french company which hold a specific economic heritage stemming from the industrial experiment, know how to implemente a rare know-how basing on the control of traditional techniques and have an attachment in a territory.

The certified companies are representative of the spirit and the know-how « made in France ».
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