Almost 20 years ago, in 1993, Françoise and Henri Quinta have acquired SANS et GARCERIE founded in 1897.

Renamed Les toiles du soleil, the " sanc i or " factory, the Catalan colors, recovers in the work under the friendly eye of two small linen maids in traditional laying holding a table, a new logo of the company.

Françoise et Henri Quinta, worried of keeping the catalan identity of these weavings and their revival, knew, by giving free court to their imagination and creator’s talent, how to keep some design and typical colours of the catalan cloths while adapting it to the trend of our time.

That french know-how has been rewarded the 29th december 2009, Les toiles du soleil are certified « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ».

This label honores french company which hold a specific economic heritage stemming from the industrial experiment, know how to implemente a rare know-how basing on the control of traditional techniques and have an attachment in a territory.

The certified companies are representative of the spirit and the know-how « made in France ».